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response to silverdwagon's "2 prompts... in hopes of waking up this.. thingy." - dancing... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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response to silverdwagon's "2 prompts... in hopes of waking up this.. thingy." [Aug. 13th, 2004|12:21 am]
blinking eights


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"The hallway was silent..." Jon was trying to think of a cool sentence to give as a writing prompt for an online writing community. He had been saying things on and off for the past few minutes, I had been writing them down and crossing out words here and there to make a new sentence from ten or so separate sentences.

So far I had come up with "There was never a moment when...", "Swimmingly, swimmingly. Yes...", "Screaming, Dude, dude! Why...", "Photomontage of boy and girl from different decades, made to look like conjoined twins..."

Julie was supposed to come by. It was rainy outside and the warmly decorated room was too cozy, prompting me to mentally run away from her coming to pick me up. She's twice my age, has a crush on me or something, and takes me out whenever she wants since I'm never doing anything that can't be interrupted anyway. And, I like the attention, but I get shit for it too.

"So what about your cup of coffee, isn't she coming?"

"I wish she was already here fuckface."

This was the extent of most of our talks. One of us would say something slightly insulting, but real, and the other would retort with a more direct but equally noncommittal jab. Jon and I had been friends for a while, I really wanted to be close to him since he seemed so cool but now we just sort of coexist.

Julie came, and came to door. I watched her come up the walk, which was nice. Behind the glass, in the blue hue of the rain, removed a bit. That was always nicer. She rang the bell, and I slowly got up and let her in.

"Joe! It's so nice to see you!" She was a little wet, she hugged me. I was the average nonphysical young teenage male. Not that that's true or anything, the nonphysical part.

"Hey Julie, look at this..." Jon threw a glass at her head, she ducked and it broke the window through which I had watched her come to door. She looked at Jon, her head all tilted.

Sigh, "What the fuck, Jon." This happened every time she came to pick me up, so I was bored but used to the routine. I knew it was killing Jon in window repair bills.

Julie was crouching, her knees coming out of her now bunched up skirt. "Yea, what the fuck... Jon."

"Ugh, I love you Julie."

"Come on Julie, let's go." So we left.