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~ [Sep. 7th, 2004|03:04 am]
blinking eights


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Okay this is a prompt, the screen flickers, the rectangle blinks, the prompt. Ok, so the prompt is, class, class fades out, shot of outer space zooming through outer space, horsehead nebula, and then a shot of me at the keyboard, or you or whatever.

The Prompt: Why would you vote for Ralph Nader? Assume, for this prompt, that you are a US citizen, registered to vote(if note then you are going to), and that you are trying to write an explanation of why you are going to Vote Nader amidst a seeming political tide of general apathy, defeatist dualism(Bush/Kerry), corporate control, loser mindsets, big egos who'll shout you down for voting Nader, or saying you're going to vote Nader, the millions who lie that a vote for Nader is not a vote for Nader, and whatever other negatives come to mind. Of course, you're bringing the positive side, that's for you to figure out. The piece can either be in the form of an essay, a narrative, an interview, an email, or some mixture of these. And the content can take the form of your struggle, or whatever, to try and explain your reason(s) for supporting Nader, a segue of journey to and then arrival, or simply the actual why itself.

Good luck!

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2004-12-08 02:38 am (UTC)


you suck, haruki_s! ;)
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