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...on the corpse's ashes

blinking eights
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this is a writing community. (run by rach_inabox)

"a writing community you say?"

yes, that's right, a writing community. because they are fun! and all that. but this one isn't just for posting your writing and that, there are already communities for that. (a really good one is she_writes, so check it out)

this one works in a different way, it is sort of like a fic challenge type of community except it's for... just writing in general. not fanfiction. i mean, we all love fanfiction, but there are places for that too.

this is how it works:

1. somebody will post a prompt. it can be one word, it can be a sentence, it can be something to include. the possibilities are endless.

(***note: if the prompt is a line from a song or something already written, you cannot use the exact thing in your writing, because... well that's stealing. you understand)

(**it's completly okay if there is more than one prompt floating around, in fact the more the merrier.)

2. people will then post what they wrote after getting the prompt, it can be anything except fanfiction, everything else if fine: poetry, a short story, a vignette. hell, even a novel is fine.

(***if you join, you dont have to post prompts or writings, that's cool if you just want to be a member and everything BUT, do not make worthless posts that clutter up the community. or ill kick your ass.)

okay, so really that's it. these are the types of posts allowed and how they should be formatted:

1. prompt posts. just be sure to say that you are posting a prompt.

2. response to prompt post. be sure to say whose prompt you are answering and be sure to lj-cut if it is nessesary.

3. questions about things.

(**also, don't make a post just for praise to someone, that's really sweet and everything but you can just comment on their writing, it keeps the community less cluttered)

that's it! so join, cause everyone is allowed to, and start making prompts and responding to them!

p.s. yea, 'blinking eights' is from a dashboard confessional song, you can go cry about it now.